Who are you?

Hi there, I am Kenny.

What do you do?

I am a practicing minimalist, who happens to be a software engineer during the day.

How did you get into budgeting?

As a minimalist, I often ask what I could do to live more simply. Eliminating the non-essentials from life have always been part of my weekly routine.

Looking at where my money tells me:

  • Understand what I value
  • Identity patterns that lead to wastes (Remember that shirt you got from Lululemon that you never wear again?)

Budgeting happens to be an effective way to achieve the 2 objectives above.

What are your philosophy around budgeting?

It isn’t so much about living cheaply, but rather focusing your resources on what you value the most: It could be a great vacation, or achieving financial freedom by mid-40s.

What are your favorite budgeting tools?

I have yet to discover the perfect tool to do budgeting, but here are a couple I used frequently: